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Why Barrier Foil? - We Can Tell You!

Why Barrier Foil

For many years Polythene has been the packaging material of choice for most industries around the world. Though it may be suitable for many applications it is inadequate for many projects due to its high moisture vapour transmission rate. Typically five hundred gauge polythene material allows water through at a rate of four grammes per square meter every twenty four hours.

Despite these weaknesses though Polythene material continues to be the most popular and widely used packaging material worldwide.

In recent years though a cross section of industries have invested in aluminium Barrier Foil and film as a superior alternative to polythene packaging. A relatively new innovation Barrier Foil is a moisture resistant material which features a moisture vapour transmission rate up to 100 times better than that of polythene.

The construction of aluminium barrier films typically consists of three or four layers of different materials adhered together. Aluminium, polyethylene and polyester make up the most widely used standard grades whilst for technically demanding projects it can be supplied with layers of Valeron, Valcross , Nylon and Woven Polyester materials.

Its applications are very widespread. Today's global markets mean that manufacturers and buyers trade regularly on different sides of the worlds. Methods of transport, hazardous journeys, packaging systems and handling have never been More important important factors in ensuring that your valuable products arrive at their destinations reliable and fully protected.

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