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Which VCI Materials Are Best For You?

Which VCI?

VCI corrosion Inhibitors (VCI) provide the best protection when its used as primary packaging around the time of manufacture or production.

It's a unique concept that works by molecules from the material evaporating and forming a protective layer over the metal product. This concept is unique as a corrosion inhibitor in that it forms a protective layer across every surface of your product. It works well on its own or when used ad a primary protective layer.

VCI Poly or VCI paper?

VCI Poly can be considered a superior grade over other VCI paper's. It performs particularly well when used as protection for metal surfaces as a corrosion inhibitor.

The advantages of VCI poly include:
- A powerful moisture barrier.
- VCI poly provides superior protection from dust, salt, sunlight.
- VCI can be supplied translucent, ideal for goods inspection.
- Can be folded easily and is dimensionally stable.
- Contains VCI chemicals to prevent corrosion.
- High tear resistance.

Precision parts and metal products can benefit enormously from VCI packaging. Valdamark supplies both VCI papers and films in both rolls and sheets.

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