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Looking To Find Out Where To Purchase Silica Gel?

Where To Purchase Silica Gel?

If you would like to know where to purchase silica gel then there are many places where you can buy quantities of silica gel. But if you want to know where to purchase high quality, top of the range, silica gel products then the only place you need to know about is Valdamark.

We produce top quality silica gel and desiccant products as well as high specification packaging components to suit all your needs. We take pride in the fact that we can beat any quote in Europe. If you have been to one of our competitors and obtained a quote from them, then bring it to us and we will do our best to beat it in price, in service and in quality.

Almost all of our desiccant products are used for protecting retail and commercial goods. Our customers use them to prevent damage from corrosion caused by excess moisture which can appear in packaging. Many of our customers ship metal based items across the world, or even sensitive electronic equipment. This needs to be protected from moisture damage because even tiny drops of moisture can render it completely useless, causing untold damage in terms of reputation.

Retail goods are also protected using our desiccant gels. Delicate fabrics which are used in the fashion industry as well as leather shoes and belts can all be adversely affected by moisture damage, often causing thousands in losses for defect goods.

Our silica gel desiccants are manufactured using high quality sodium silicate. This is acidified in a simple procedure, washed and then dried to form the hard, granular crystals. These crystals, when dry, have a very low water vapour pressure. It is this property which means that silica gel is such a high capacity desiccant. Water molecules are drawn into the microscopic cavernous structure of the tiny silica gel granules.

In deciding where to purchase silica gel, it is important to note that we provide a bespoke made-to-measure service which will not only cater for your desiccant needs, but can also provide all the packaging you will need to suit your products from your manufacturing base to your customers. We can guarantee that your goods will arrive in the same condition that they left your warehouse. In some cases we have shown that your products, when protected with our silica gel, make also even have a longer shelf life.

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