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Where To Buy Silica Gel

If you want to know where to buy silica gel, then look no further. Valdamark has been wide range of silica gel products in both standard sizes and as a loose item.

If your need is to provide desiccation within an enclosed environment, then we can provide silica gel sachets to help you. Generally, 5 g of silica gel are required per cubic foot of enclosed volume. For larger volumes than this, we provide sachets in a wide range of sizes.

We also have a bespoke, made-to-measure service. If you are wondering where to buy silica gel to get the best service and a product which will match your every need, then come to us. We have just the products you are looking for.

Silica gel is a form of silicon dioxide. It is produced as hard, irregular granules. Smaller diameters are produced in the form of beads. It is a very high capacity desiccant and he’s non toxic, non flammable, inert and has a very high shelf life. It can be stored easily and if it has absorbed water during storage, it can be reactivated by gentle heating. We supply silica gel with the 3% water vapour pressure.

If you are working in high humidity conditions, or if you are sending your products into the high humidity, then you may wish to protect them with adequate desiccant conditions. Water vapour will enter the interlocking cavities within the silica gel granules as long as there is a higher water vapour pressure than the surrounding atmosphere. Therefore, the higher the relative humidity, the longer silica gel will keep on working to protect your items.

Many other companies have worked out where to buy silica gel of the highest grade and manufactured to the highest industry standards. We also supply silica gel sachets, which are made from breathable Tyvek™material. This is a strong permeable membrane, which does not interfere with the function of the silica gel beads as the work to protect your perishable items. Each sachet is heat sealed to protect the scenes from bursting during use and they can withstand the heaviest handling during each part of the supply chain.

You can be assured that when you decide where to buy silica gel, then Valdamark is the first name you will think of because we are a name that is trusted throughout the world. It is a name which means quality.

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