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Looking For A Place Where Can I Purchase Silica Gel From?

If you are the producer or manufacturer of delicate electronic components of a four if you ship perishable goods across the world, then you may need to ask yourself where can I purchase silica gel. The reason for this is that silica gel could very well save your goods from damage by water.

Water can cause a lot of damage if it is left unchecked within packaging. But there is no water in my packaging you may tell yourself. Yes there is.

If your goods undergo a temperature difference during their shipping process, which they very well might, then water droplets might form from condensation. When this occurs it can be completely devastating. Many types of products are completely ruined by the introduction of water into their packaging.

Tablets and medicines, fabrics and leather goods, computer components and a lot of other different types of products can be wrecked, costing you thousands, not only in lost custom, but more than that in lost reputation.

Valdamark products can help you to ensure that all of your products reach their destination exactly as you packed them. In fact, our products have been shown to increase the shelf life of many goods.

Just 5g of gel can dehumidify up to one square foot of space, and Silica gel the is inert and unless in many conditions and situations. It is most frequently used as sachets packed into breathable, permeable bags. The bags produced by Valdamark are made from durable Tyvek® material which is a patented membrane.

So, as you can see, you no longer need to ask yourself the question where can I purchase silica gel? Valdamark can cater for all of your silica gel and desiccant needs. We also supply many other packaging materials, including VCI bags, Shockwatch or labels and we can also supply your heat sealers for you.

Valdamark our specialists in the desiccant and packaging range. We provide a bespoke service, come and talk to us with your requirements and we will try our best to produce items which suit your every need. If you have already obtained a quote from one of our competitors, even if they are in Europe, then you will do our best to match or even beat that quote.

When you think, ‘where can I purchase silica gel?’, Think Valdamark.

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