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Where Can I Get Silica Gel Packets from?

If you’re a producer of high quality, sensitive electronic goods, you may have asked yourself where can I get silica gel packets? This is because you may need high quality silica desiccant to protect your products during storage, transport and shipping. Electronic goods often need to be protected from the excess moisture from the environment. This can cause harmful damage to the delicate circuitry in the form of corrosion, rust, and a multitude of other types of damage.

Valdamark produce high quality silica gel sachets for use in exactly such conditions. Our durable, permeable and breathable sachets can provide constant, unobtrusive protection against unwanted environmental moisture. It is easy to insert one or two sachets into each packaging box for each computer component or electronic part.

A silica gel sachet is proven to be effective in a hermetically sealed and enclosed environment. The physical barrier to prevent moisture vapour from continually entering and damaging the contents. If approximately 170 g of silica gel are required to effectively protect one cubic metre of space.

In a larger space, a small number of small sachets placed at strategic intervals will be more effective than one large sachet. If the environment is not hermetically sealed, then more gel may be required to be effective. Silica gel is silicon dioxide. Which is synthetically produced as hard amorphous granules with an extensive microporous structure. It is a very high capacity desiccant because of this structure. Water molecules are able to enter into the surface of the granules because of its low water vapour pressure.

Silica gel is supplied with the 3% water vapour pressure when dry, and it is able to absorb up to 40% of its own weight of water. The beauty of silica gel is that it is inert, non flammable, non-toxic and does not produce any side effects.

It is not easily corroded by many materials, if only a strong, highly corrosive acid, many have an adverse effect on this otherwise, non reactive substance. In turn, this product does not adversely affect the products with which it comes into contact.

It has an almost indefinite shelf life when kept in airtight conditions. If it does become spent, then it can be regenerated by gentle heat which drives off the moisture. The product is now ready to be used. Silica gel use approximately 35% greater than most other desiccant clays happening water from the surrounding atmosphere.

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