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About Dessicant

Have you ever wondered what is desiccant exactly? Valdamark desiccant products are made to fight the effect of moisture damage to products which have been stored or are in transit. Excess moisture is a universal problem during the storage and transport of many different types of products and goods.

This unwanted water vapour can cause problematic internal corrosion to delicate electronic items, even if they have been sealed completely and have been carefully packed. Our TopDry® desiccant packets are made to a patented formula which has been proven to outperform our competitors’ products for nearly all moisture control applications.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and service. We are a market leader in desiccant production. Our silica gel sachets are made from very strong, highly durable, permeable viscose which acts as a dust-proof shell and is safe to use up to pharmaceutical standards. It is heat-sealed around the edges to provide a strong barrier to protect our silica gel.

Our patented TopDry® Technology not only prevents moisture from reaching your product and causing internal damage, but it has also been shown to extend the life span of many products which it protects. It is safe to use in many different conditions and is a very reliable, non toxic product. Our large warehouses are able to hold a high capacity of our high quality product. This means that we can cater for any order, the large or small. If you require one small box of sachets or if your requirement is for pallet quantities, we can supply your needs with no problem. We take pride in the fact that we are renowned for being the best in Europe.

Desiccant products are usually required to protect both retail and commercial items from damage caused by excess moisture. Metal products, sensitive equipment, fabric and leather goods, and delicate electronic items will need protection from water vapour.

We not only provide your desiccant needs, but cater for all your packaging requirements. We also provide VCI bags and Shockwatch or labels as well as heat sealers.

You will never wonder ‘what is desiccant’ ever again. With our extensive range of high quality products Valdamark provides a solution for all your desiccant needs. Come and try our made to measure service for yourself. We guarantee to beat all quotes from our competitors in Europe. Not only that, but we meet the new quality too.

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