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What is Desiccants?

What it is used for..

In order to describe what is desiccants, we need to examine what it is used for. Desiccant is essentially a drying aid. It helps to soak up excess water from around a form. In an enclosed space, which is better if it is hermetically sealed, around 5 g of Dessicant are enough to try 1 cubic foot of space.

It works by adsorbing water vapour from the surrounding atmosphere. The way it does this is because of its amazing microporous structure. During production when it is dried, and forms tiny hard granules. These granules have a very low density. Because they’re filled with large internal spaces. Drying of this product creates low vapour pressure inside the granules.

This causes water vapour molecules to rush into the spaces to try to equalise the vapour pressure. As long as there is a lower vapour pressure within the gel granules, then there is a net influx of water molecules into the gel. Silica gel is known as a high capacity desiccant. It is able to adsorb up to 40% of its own weight in water. This is an amazing 35% more than other desiccant products on the market today.

As you can see, silica gel is indeed, the preferred desiccant. It is cheap, easy to make and readily affordable. It is also non toxic, non flammable and harmless to other products. Because it works by a physical rather than a chemical reaction, it does not affect anything that it comes into contact with. This means that it does not mark or smear the items and it does not corrode or affect metal products in any way.

Because of this it is used in many different applications. In the world of fashion, it is used to prevent excess moisture in parcels of clothing and in boxes of leather goods. And it is especially vital in the electronics industry when it is used to protect electronic components and electronic circuitry from exposure to harmful water droplets which may form from condensation.

If you ask “What is desiccants?” then you know that it is a vital support material in the supply chain and ensures that all kinds of products arrive at their destinations free from damage and in pristine condition.

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