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What Is Desiccant? - Find Out More..

What is Descciant?

This is a question we get asked a lot, “what is dessicant?” . It's a naturally occurring clay material with moisture absorption properties. We at Valdamark are one of the top suppliers of dessicant products in Europe. We have a bespoke service to cater to your every need. And we hope to beat any quote that you have received from any of our European competitors.

So what is dessicant exactly? Our dessicant is made from high quality sodium dioxide. It is inert, non toxic, and completely un reactive. It has an indefinite shelf life and if stored in the right conditions can be regenerated and reused almost indefinitely. To regenerate silica gel simply heated gently two try it out completely. It is then ready to be used again. It does not corrode or attack other materials and is not affected by anything other than strong alkaline or hydrofluoric acid.

We can provide a wide range of sizes which are suitable for any application. We can supply silica gel conveniently packaged into small sachets in many different sizes, or we can bulk supply loose silica gel. We can confer with you and help you choose the right packaging solutions for your needs. This is a service that we provide to all our customers in order to help them choose from a vast range.

The beauty of silica gel is that it can absorb water vapour internally. There is no chemical reaction, and there are no side effects. Even when it is completely saturated with water vapour silica gel still appears as dry granular beads. Therefore you do not have to worry about it disintegrating in your packaging.

Silica gel is used to protect all kinds of products from the damage caused by extra water which may enter into the packaging, during any part of their shipping and handling process. These little packets of gel often turn up in the strangest of places. When you buy a pair of shoes, these innocuous little sachets our present to protect the shoes from water damage during transport and storage. This is also the case when buying any other items, such as fabrics, electronic goods, and even pharmaceuticals.

Now you need never ask “what is dessicant?” Dessicant takes the form of the little anonymous sachets perfectly without interfering with any other part of the process.

We also supply self indicating silica gel. These changes colour when it is completely saturated. We have the blue to pink range and the bright orange to bright green colour changing silica gel.

Please contact us to find out what is descciant good for in your organisation.

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