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Looking For A Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Bag?

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Bags

Clients who have use for a Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor are often looking for the Protective Packaging of metal parts and components. All to often those who export goods domestically or internationally encounter problems withe Moisture and Corrosion damage to their valuable goods. These atmospheric damages can mean that goods being stored or transported distances and for extensive periods can arrive with the end user defected.

Traditional VCI Paper and VCI Poly is a inferior product to the VCI Bags and rolls we supply. Focussing aorund our range of ValStrong-Ci™ VCI packaging foils, this innovative packaging is patent pending and is puropse built to include both Moisture barrier technology and VCI Technology in one foil laminate material.

It's a market leading product that does not require desicant or silica gel to perform at it's best. Suitable for nearly all metals and alloys constructions we can supply this specialist packaging in a number of foil packaging designs. Stock sized Stand Up Pouches and packaging bags are available to suit a variety of capacitys and volumes.

These convenient sizes are perfect for Metal Parts Packaging. We also supply a range of foil roll materials to suit larger projects or those that require large amounts of material for conversion themself. Furthermore we provide a bespoke foil bags service for Export Bags and laminated pouches. For the best quality seals use in conjunction with one of our foil bag sealer units.

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