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Looking For Vibration and Shock Products?

Vibration and Shock Products

Vibration and Shock products have never been such a more integral part of fast moving freight today. Weather you use third party couriers or pallet network services for bulk orders you will have probably experienced damage due to poor handling. Indeed this accounts for millions in damages to export and domestic freight every year.

The times say it only makes economic sense to outsource your freight or use a third party at some point. Shock watch damage indicator labels act both add accountability to those who handle your delicate cargo and to act as a visual deterrent against bad handling.

Shock-watch shipping systems can be tailored around your individual freight requirements. The core range focusses around the self-adhesive shipping labels which are colour coded to suit your freights volume.

Complete with a self-adhesive shipping warning label they can be easily fixed to cardboard and wood packaging. They are easily identifiable to anyone handling your goods throughout the supply chain, each unit features an impact sensitive freight vial that will break in accordance with the chosen tolerance to indicate poor handling.

Once activated the vial will release a high visibility red dye that will leave you or your client in no doubt that rough handling has occurred.

Other products in our Shock and vibration range include our Skidmates pallet pads, these use a air dampened cushioning system that when fixed to the underside of crates or pallets makes your goods immune to impact and excessive force. Each circular shaped unit has an easy access four hole design and can be fitted to most pallets using an m18 bolt to secure it in place.

The range is colour coded to suit your freights exact needs. Skid-mates provide a cost-effective means to eliminates the costs associated with pallet shock and vibration damage. They can be secured quickly and mean you don't have to commit to expensive air ride pallet trucks. These products are chemically inert and demonstrate a very high abrasion resistance.

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