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Looking For VCI Packing?

VCI Packing

VCI Packing is designed to keep your sensitive goods protected from the threat of corrosion during transport or storage.

The Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor products are market leading and patent pending to offer you the most outstanding VCI protection available.

The problem of corrosion damage is widespread throughout a cross section of industries being responsible for millions in damages as a result of rust damage.

The technology blended into our materials works by coating untreated metals with a VCI layer once the goods are sealed inside.

It creates an invisible layer of protection along the surface of your goods creating a micro environment once sealed for optimum conditions. This invisible coat is perfect when protecting larger items like machineries that have exposed areas difficult to reach. This layer evaporates completely once you open the bag.

This is effective for extended periods of time as once sealed inside the outside air with it's moisture and impurities can no longer influence the condition of your goods.

This VCI technology combined with the ValstrongCi™ barrier laminate foil give your goods complete protection throughout out the supply chain without the need to be used in conjunction with desiccant.

Like all our products it displays some impressive environmental credentials, it's safe to use and is harmless to those handling it.

This protective packaging is available ready to use in standard sized 0.5l, 1.0l and 2.0l Stand up pouches. There heat seal able and perform best when used with one of our constant foil bag heat seal machines.

Though we offer a stock range we can cater for nearly any bespoke flexible packaging requirements including flat bags, valve sacks and export bags. Rolls and Sheet materials are also available on request.

For more information on this specialist equipment packaging or any other of our products please email or contact our UK sales office.

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