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Looking For A VCI Corrosion Inhibitor?

VCI Corrosion Inhibitor

The VCI Corrosion Inhibitor products we sell focus around clients needs to eliminate corrosion damage to their goods when being transported and stored in the supply chain.

This problem of corrosion damage has become very apparent to those shipping products vulnerable to damage from 'the elements'. Costing industry millions of dollars globally per annum this problem has become synonymous with sensitive equipment packaging for parts and machinery.

The products we sell focus around the philosophy of one layer for complete climate protection. Once sealed inside the heat seal able bag no outside hazards like moisture, gas, oxygen and sunlight can interfere with the condition of your products, meanwhile a protective VCI layer coats the outside of your goods for the duration of it's journey. This evaporates completely once removed.

Our ValstrongCi™ patent pending packaging foil combines the benefits of a high performance aluminium barrier foil with the protection of multi layer volatile corrosion inhibitor technology. This striking gold laminate has a striking appearance and is market leading for its protective characteristics.

Approved to Mil Spec 131 and MOD Def stan 81-75 this material can be used on it's own and does not require additional desiccant or rust prevention methods.

We offer standard sized stand up VCI bags to suit most requirement however some clients choose a bespoke design tailored for their project. In this most shape or sized conversion can be manufactured to suit your needs. Packaging heat sealing machinery can be supplied for optimal seal strength.

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