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VCI Bags

Valdamark's range of VCI Bags focusses around our patent pending range of industrial packaging foils. The ValstrongCi™ VCI protective packaging is ideal for optimal protection for your goods when being stored or transported.

It's far superior to VCI Poly or VCI Paper, the material is a aluminium based foil laminate which with the addition of the VCI corrosion inhibitor can protect your valuable goods for up to several years.

As a heat seal foil bag once your goods are hermetically sealed inside they become immune to outside interference from the usual corrosion culprits including moisture, oxygen, gases, sunlight and any atmospheric damages.

This advanced design features a blend of a superior strength high performance barrier foil combined with a state of the art multi phase Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor which forms a protective layer over the contents once sealed inside. It remains harmless to whoever is handling it and evaporates completely once the contents is removed.

Many clients requiring VCI Packing operate in heavy regulated freight and export markets, however these VCI Products have found suitability for a wide range of projects including metal parts packaging, specialist equipment packaging and machinery packaging.

It suitable for use with most alloys including aluminium, copper, zinc, brass, steel, lead, iron or any metal parts sensitive to corrosion. It's also far more environmentally friendly than competitive products replacing the need to use conventional rust prevention techniques like oil and desiccants. CI conforms to MIL-2073 ID, NF H 00-310 – Classe 1 and MOD Def Stan 81 – 75.

Unlike other products our CI has a proven shelf life that does not react negatively to adverse temperatures in storage or transport. For sealing see our range of constant packaging heat sealer units.

Available in a range of standard sized stand up pouches the material can be supplied to any bespoke size or volume. Buy online or contact our sales office to discuss further.

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