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Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor

Many clients who contact Valdamark looking Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor products are looking for complete protective packaging for their products. Rather than stock traditional VCI Paper or VCI Plastic bags we supply a products focussing around our range of ValStrong-Ci™ foil packaging materials. As a Specialist Packaging product it incorporated the benefits of moisture barrier packaging with the added VCI corrosion prevention technology.

It's perfect for packaging metal parts and alloys and can give your products complete protection when being transported or stored. All to often manufacturers and exporters see thier goods suffer due to moisture and corrosion damage. This is usally due to the harsh conditions goods face when being transported by sea, air or land. Salt Water, Marine Air, Dust, Sunlight and Gas products can all play their part in your client receiving defected goods that were not intended.

It works to provide a barrier layer for corrosion protection from salt, humidity, dirt, etc whilst still having the material layer for physical protection.

We offer this unique packaging in Stand Up Pouches to suit various different capacities as well as conversions for export bags and flat foil laminate pouches.

This innovative flexible packaging does not require dessicant or silica gel to protect goods in transport. Just a quality heat seal which can be achieved using one of our hand held heat sealers for packaging.

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