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Use Of Silica Gel - How Does It Work For Me?

Use Of Silica Gel

Did you know, silica gel has been around since 1640? It was first used in World War one in gas masks for the absorption of deathly vapours. The use of silica gel today is much less prosaic, although, some would say, just as vital.

Silica gel is the substance which is found in those little packets which come with countless retail goods products. From the electronics that you purchase on the High Street, to the medicine that you get from the pharmacist, you will find innocuous little packets of the unobtrusive gel. Without these little packets, it would be a lot more difficult to ship hundreds of different products around the world today.

But what is the use of silica gel in the modern world? Silica gel can absorb nearly half its weight in water, that is 40% of its own weight. This property alone makes it one of the most attractive desiccants in the market place today.

Here at Valdamark, we supply silica gel to many different types of industries and companies to assist in their packaging and fulfil the needs of dry transport with very little hassle or disruption.

Because silica gel is a harmless and inert substance it can be used safely with all types of medicines. Our durable packaging material can be anything from simple porous paper to the most indestructible substances. TyvekTM is a strong fabric- like material which is used when maximum strength and durability are required.

We can manufacture desiccant and packaging to exactly suit your needs. In this we are very versatile – you might say that we are the bespoke manufacturers of the silica gel world. If you need other types of packaging than small desiccant bags, we are able to make those too. You can rest assured that our bags will never burst open during transport. All of our products have heat welded seams to ensure that they do not pop, even in the most rigorous conditions. You can stamp on them, you can juggle with them, you can sit on them, their safety and durable construction are guaranteed.

Standard sizes are used in the TopDry® and Silica Mini Pax® ranges. We also offer bulk buy discounts. Just call us to chat with one of our customer service representatives to discuss your needs. Remember, we have a very competitive service and will beat any quote within Europe.

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