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Looking For Transport Packaging?

Damage to goods in transit was estimated to have cost industry $2 billion during 2011.

Its no surprise this number is expected to rise annually as we live in a global market that is only going to keep growing.

Buyers can be on the other side of the world to their suppliers more often than not being able to order for a 'just in time' delivery as easily as one that would arrive weeks maybe even months later.

Its essential that the packaging solution you have chosen is suitable for the job. Whether it be export goods that are vulnerable to moisture and corrosion damage or fragile that are sensitive to shock and vibration damage. Our products can help.

We offer custom packaging that's tailor made to your goods. Three dimensional and two dimensional conversions can be manufactured out of materials with barrier and anti static properties.

As well as this we offer a range of consumables including damage indicators like drop n tell and Shockwatch®

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