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Looking For Transport Monitoring Services?

Transport Monitoring

When shipment monitoring it is essential that your freight packaging reflects the value of the goods you are shipping.

Often damage caused to goods in transit is a result of poor handling which can sometimes be accidental but is sometimes a consequence of the 'just in time' delivery network most companies use.

You may be looking for a solution to this problem either due to bad experience or as a preventative measure.

Its no surprise that investment in freight packaging beyond the everyday consumables has considerably increased in recent years. In 2010 damage to goods in transit was estimated to have cost industry over $2 billion.

As most of the time its the sellers responsibility to make sure goods arrive defect free the solution needs to be cost-effective and not represent a significant capital investment.

Consumables like polystyrene, bubble wrap and air cushions go as far as to protect the goods from some physical damage, but as we know this isn't always the case and something more is needed when the control of the goods is passed to the courier.

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