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Transport Damage

Have your goods been damaged as a result of poor handling by couriers? It's a common problem in today's fast moving goods market. Often outsourced freight couriers are the only cost effectice way to transport goods. If their sensitive to shock and vibration damage this of course carrier a risk.

In the world of global trade emphasis is put on speed and efficiency of delivery rather than the quality of care your goods receive. Valdamark's protective packaging soloution uses Shock-watch sticker labels to deter and add accountability to your freight courier. If your end user receives defected products it's a blow to your reputation as well as your accounts.

Shockwatch damage indicators are a cost effective soloution. This Shock indicator label is designed to be attached to the outside of your shipments easily. This bright sticker let's your end user know instantly if your products have recieved damage as the shock sensitive vial fixed to the middle of each unit is designed to break in accordance with each shock tariff.

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