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Looking For A Tip Sensor?

Tip Sensor

The tip sensor's we supply are ideal when used as part of a fragile packaging solution. Most businesses now trust outsourced freight service to transport their goods and there has never been a better time to do so.

Sophisticated supply chains, 'just in time' deliveries and low prices are all standard now for fast moving consumer goods couriers.

Speed is now the priority, with the quality of care your goods receive second to this. Shock damage, vibration damage, tilt damage are all dangers your goods may be vulnerable to.

If you have experienced this problem then chances are it is a recurring one for you. The tip sensors we supply are self adhesive units that are attached to any package and activated when a tilt below 90o is detected. As well as this we offer a range of damage indicators and shock watch impact labels for products vulnerable to shock and vibration damage.

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