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Looking For Durable Tip N Tell?

Valdamark supply Tip N Tell products to those who have valuable goods that need to be kept upright whilst in transit. Many clients contact us after already experiencing courier damage. Some are just looking for a preventative measure.

The Tip N Tell tilt indicators we stock may be the Protective Packaging solution for you.

Does your company use an outsourced freight service? In the age of global trade worldwide the emphasis is often put on speed and not the quality of the handling they receive. Its becoming more and more difficult to ensure goods get to their end users defect free, but for many manufacturers it's a recurring problem that both costs money and puts their reputation at risk.

This problem is happening throughout both domestic and global markets. Tip N Tell indicators are a self adhesive innovative packaging product.

Tip indicators that can be fixed to the outside of any shipment package. If the container falls below the 90 degree activation level it will activate with the arrow turning complete blue. This visual indication will leave you and your client in no doubt that the goods were mis-handled.

If your goods need to kept upright this specialist packaging product gives your valuable items the best chance of arrival defect free.

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