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Looking For ATilt Sensor?

Tilt Sensor

Have you experienced damage to your goods in transit? Did they need to be kept upright but were not?

Tip N Tell tilt indicators may be the solution for you. As business chooses more and more to trust outsourced freight companies with their valuable products it becomes more difficult to ensure the goods get there as you intended. With buyers and sellers trading in both local and global markets this problem has never been more apparent.

If your goods are required to be kept upright Tip N Tell units will tell you if the angle of the package fell below 90O. They are cost effective solution in ensuring your goods have the best possible chance of arriving defect free.

A brightly coloured device Tip N Tells come with a companion label to alert your courier immediately that the goods have shipment monitoring. Tip N Tell is activated by pulling the release pin and attaching the units to your package or container. Its self-adhesive and once activated the arrow will turn completely blue. You or your customer are then in no doubt of poor handling.

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