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  • Our range of cut to size tarpaulins for sale encompasses a huge range of standard sizes, colours and constructions. When compared to cheaper imported poly tarps we offer only the highest quality Polymit formula built with a 'made to last' design. The tough but lightweight build makes our tarpaulins suitable for most applications which require the use of a general protective cover. When used outdoors or for sheltering goods our tarps perform at their best, we know clients demand a hardworking tarp that is suitable for all weathers. All our tarps are flexible, waterproof and lightweight features as standard and are chosen by Valdamark for their proven performance. They offer great protection from the wind and rain as well as being rot proof and crack resistant. View our range of heavy duty tarps for more demanding projects.

    As we stock the most durable and long life tarpaulins on the market combined with a wide selection of accessories it's no surprise that this well made product combined with it's high performance characteristics is constantly discovering new uses for itself.

    We find clients use our tarp covers for as many applications as you can think off which require a protective tarp.

    Typically we find these products used as storage covers, temporary covers, goods covers and outdoor storage.

    Depending on the use for your tarp you may require it to perform multiple tasks. For securing look to our range of high tenacity polypropylene ropes available in various lengths and thicknesses to fit through the standard eyelets positions on all our protective covers. They are UV resistant and like our tarps perform exceptionally well outdoors and are 'elements' proof. They also contain no recycled materials.

    Whatever your requirements you may need a clear tarp, white tarp or maybe a economy or heavy duty tarpaulin. Valdamark will have a product that is suitable.

    Please contact us using the below options for information on Tarps.

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