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Looking For A Supplier Of Silica Gel?

Supplier Of Silica Gel

If you are looking for a supplier of silica gel, then you have come to exactly the right place.

We at Valdamark are second to none when it comes to silica gel, desiccant and other packaging products. We at Valdamark only source our products from leading European manufacturers.

Whatever you require silica gel for Valdamark can meet your needs. As you know, silica gel is a very high capacity desiccant. It is able to absorb 40% of its own weight in the surrounding moisture. It needs to be stored in airtight containers, and if it is kept well it can be regenerated and reused many times over.

We are a supplier of silica gel to many different industries worldwide. Silica gel is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. As medicines are produced in different parts of the world, they must be shipped to where they are needed. Because of this it is necessary to keep them preserved in their original state. Any moisture in the air can damage delicate powders and tablets. It can dilute their concentrations, but worse than that it can also affect their efficacy.

We supply silica gel in many different forms to combat this. We can supply loose forms which help in the production of many pharmaceutical products. It is sometimes used to assist in the production of gaseous components which are used in laboratories and medical facilities all over the world.

We also produce the silica gel sachet S, which are found in bottles of tablets and other medicines. Our sachets are produced by medical quality breathable, durable membranes. These are heat sealed to ensure that there is no damage to the sachet. In the case of the sachet bursting, then the medicine would be rendered completely useless.

Valdamark are a bespoke supplier of silica gel products and other packaging materials. We can cater to your needs, and we are able to manufacture items which are not already in our catalogues range. If your requirement is for something special, for example if you need molecular sieve instead of silica gel inserted into any size of sachet, then we are able to do this for you. Please come and visit us and tell us about your needs. We can show you samples of our products. And we are very proud of the fact that we can beat any quote from our European competitors.

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