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Searching For Static Shielding Bags Suppliers?

Static Shielding Bags Suppliers

Are you looking for static shielding bags suppliers? Valdamark stock the most comprehensive range of high performance antistatic packaging in the United Kingdom.

Our sensible approach to minimum order quantities means you can obtain the best trade prices for as few as 1000 pieces. Our range is vast including products to suit packaging volumes of all sizes.

Our signature range focusses around the TopShield® brand which gives unrivalled anti-Static protection. Combining both aluminium and polyethylene layers this packaging is highly suited to clean rooms and sensitive electronics packaging.

We supply clients who require resealable bags for larger scale operations where speed and efficiency are key, as well as those who may require custom manufactured foil bags for bespoke protective packaging.

All our products feature outstanding Faraday protection displaying a surface resistance of 9-10 ohm consistently. Standard features include a printed ESD warning label as well as a construction that is durable enough to act as a protective layer through the supply chains.

For more information on static shielding packaging products either view and buy through our online store or contact us today.

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