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Looking For A Static Shielding Bag Sealer?

Static Shielding Bag Sealer

We stock static shielding bag sealer units suitable for all applications regardless of how demanding they are.

Depending on which specification you choose, either a pink anti-Static bag that is polyethylene based or a static shielding bag that is aluminium based we have units that are suitable.

For projects that involve small volumes we recommend one of our heat sealing packaging machines, these are supplied either for low or heavy gauge Polyethylene as well as aluminium and laminate films.

For applications that require heavy duty use or the sealing of multiple materials and thickness's we advise on on of our ISZ or WSZ units. These are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials to give 'best in category' proven, durable performance.

These units come with ceramic jaws and adjustable temperature settings as standard. Perfect for use in high volume sensitive electronic packaging environments they come with a 1 year guarantee for complete confidence.

You can buy our anti-Static packaging sealer's online or for more information send us an e-mail.

Please contact us using the below options for information on a static shielding bag sealer

Tel: (+44) 0161-962-8701. Please quote 'static shielding bag sealer'

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