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Looking For Silicagel?

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Silicagel can produce excellent and effective dehumidification in an enclosed environment. An example of an enclosed environment is a shoe box, or a computer packaging box or a dehumidifier. As long as the environment is enclosed then the moisture level within that enclosure can be very effectively controlled to protect or dry any article.

In a hermetically sealed enclosure, which does not allow the constant ingress of new moisture-laden air, only 5 grams of silica gel are required per cubic foot of space.

Valdamark have handy sachets of silicagel which can be easily used in a large variety of situations and the nearest standard size of sachet can often be used once the area to be dried has been measured.

Silicagel is an amorphous substance. We also provide molecular sieve if a more uniform process is required. We supply silicagel to many different types of industries including the production of gaseous compounds.

In its dry form, silicagel is a hard, shiny crystalline structure. It is considerably less dense than it looks. But this is what makes it such a high capacity desiccant. Water molecules are attracted to the silicagel because it has a low water vapour pressure. This is very attractive to the water and so it preferably enters into the cavities within the gel.

The beauty of our product is that it looks the same when it is spent as when it is unsaturated. It does not break down or decay or ruin the product that it is meant to be guarding. It is completely inert and has an indefinite shelf life, meaning that it can be purchased months in advance and stored until it is needed.

It can be regenerated when spent and reused. Regeneration is a simple process of heating it up to the required temperature for a couple of hours. More complete dehydration of the gel is achieved heating under vacuum conditions.

The most common application of silicagel is as a small sachet which contains adequate quantity of gel to guard a smallish space. It is perfectly non toxic, although in some cases, additives such as dye based indicators can push it into the hazardous category for COSHH purposes.

Valdamark have a wide variety and a wide range in our catalogues. We always have stock available in our warehouses and we can offer bulk buy discounts. In fact, come to us with any quote which you have obtained within Europe and we will beat it.

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