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Silica Supplier

As a premier silica supplier, we are constantly amazed by the different uses to which our customers find for our products. Our silica gel and packaging products are very versatile and are able to be used in many different situations. They are used in Medical Laboratories, hospitals, physics laboratories and even in schools for their student practicals.

Did you know that silica gel is also used in the agricultural industry? They need to preserve and dry seeds and specimens. And so they used our silica gel products in which to store their seeds. This preserves them perfectly and keeps them dry and safe until they are needed. If the silica gel was not used then there is a chance that the seeds and specimens would go completely mouldy and rot.

As the silica the supplier, we are also proud to say that our products are used in museums. They can be used to preserve delicate and fragile museum pieces which are hundreds of years old, if not thousands. These pieces of history would otherwise decay and be lost to the world.

It is amazing to think that our product helps in all of these different and varied fields around the world. But we know what an amazing product we have. The beauty of silica gel is that it is a very high capacity desiccant. There are many different desiccants available on the market, but only silica gel is able to absorb 40% of its own weight in water vapour. This is quite a feat in itself.

During manufacture, as the silica gel dries, it naturally forms a very low density structure. Essentially each tiny granule or bead is full of vast air spaces. As they are dried, they lose the water vapour which might normally be present. So when they are placed into a highly humid atmosphere, water vapour rushes in to replace what was lost.

Valdamark is the silica supplier which can be trusted to know our business. And our business is helping your business preserve your products. We can supply you with a vast range of different desiccants. And we are able to supply you with bulk quantities if you wish. We can also supply specialist items to suit your needs. If you have been to our competitors, we can match and often beat any quote. For silica supplier think Valdamark.

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