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Looking For Silica Packets?

Silica Packets

Silica packets a flexible, durable containers to house silica gel desiccant. They need to be strong and resistant to wear and tear. They have to handle weight in some application and they must be able to withstand extremes of temperature. The most important quality is that they have to be permeable and breathable so that adequate flow is maintained to allow the transfer of water vapour into the silica crystals.

In an enclosed environment, silica gel is used to absorb the excess water vapour which may be present in cases where the products which are in transit need to be kept dry to preserve their properties. Silica gel packets can vary greatly according to different manufacturer specifications. They can be made from simple paper right through to the most durable Tyvek™. All products produced by Valdamark are made from either a model B dust-proof shell or the breathable Tyvek™ patented membrane. Our products are guaranteed to produce optimal performance.

Our products are used by all industries, include pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, electronics industries and in the fashion industry. We have standard size packet available off the shelf. Our TopDry® and Silica Mini Pax® ranges are particularly popular with our clients are suit almost every need. We also have bulk discount prices available. Come to us with a competitor’s quotation and we guarantee to beat their price, throughout Europe.

Valdamark also have a bespoke service which is tailor made to suit your requirements. Our patented Min Pax® range is a versatile design which can fit into all your needs. We can fill silica gel packets with silica gel or even with molecular sieve.

We have self indicating silica gel in both orange and blue versions. These are extremely useful where visual inspection is required to maintain humidity levels. Computers and robots can also be programmed to completely visual inspection of our bright orange and bright blue self indicating silica.

Whatever your packaging and desiccant needs, we can supply a wide range of items, including stock cards, industrial packaging and shockwatch damage indicators. We also have impulse heat sealers and corrosion inhibitor products. We have proven that using our corrosion inhibitors, products actually increase their shelf life and restrict corrosion to valuable or delicate items.

This is an indication of just some of the products that we supply at Valdamark. We have a product for you whatever your packaging or drying needs.

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