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Silica Gel

Silica gel sachets or Silica Gel Bags as they are sometimes called are put simply flexible casing for the containment of Silica Gel crystals. The sachet must always be strong and robust enough to deal with rough handling throughout the supply chain. The most important feature of the casing material is that it's breathable and permeable enough to allow for the easy absorption of excess moisture.

Essentially water vapour molecules this excess moisture is effectively absorbed using the correct volume of Silica Gel, packaged correctly in an enclosed environment. Silica Gel packet material can vary by brand and specification; this can be various fabrics including simple permeable paper through to robust Tyvek™ Silica gel bags. All Silica Gel and Desiccant products supplied by Valdmark are contained by either a breathable Tyvek® membrane or the model B dust-proof shell. All our product seams are heat welded to provide optimal performance.

We supply Silica Gel to suit all industries and all projects no matter how technically demanding. Standard sizes are available throughout both our TopDry® and Silica Mini Pax® ranges with bulk discounts available on request. We guarantee to beat any competitor’s price in Europe.

Aside from our range of standard products many clients choose Valdamark for their 'manufactured to order' desiccant Silica Gel as we can cater to any specific requirements. Our Mini Pax® are a highly versatile design which subject to volumes can be filled with molecular sieve as well as Silica gel self indicating available for use with both blue and orange variants. Our bespoke capabilities for moisture control and absorption extend to other forms of delivery. Desiccant chains, Desiccant capsules, Silica Gel columns, tablets and cartridges are regularly supplied to clients that require a bespoke solution where a sachet is just not practical or possible.

Small Silica Gel packets are ideal for protecting sensitive commercial goods. Common applications include electrical goods, precision optical equipment, metallic products, leather items, precision parts and countless other's that need moisture absorbing Silica to ensure quality in transport and storage.

Clients looking to buy Silica Gel are often looking for these products as part of a wider packaging solution. Cobalt free humidity indicator cards, industrial packaging materials including aluminium foil laminates, Shockwatch damage indicators, impulse heat sealers and VCI corrosion inhibitor products are just some of the products Valdamark supply for a complete protective packaging solution.

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