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Information About Silica Gel - Whats Is It??

Silica Gel - What Is It?

Silica gel is an amorphous hard gel substance which is produced by the acidification of sodium silicate. When washed and dehydrated, a porous form of silicon dioxide is created. This gel has an incredibly high affinity for water.

It was this discovery which led to the use of silica gel as a desiccant to achieve low humidity environments for a large number of major applications.

Have you ever seen those little white packets which fall out of practically all packaging these days? You look at it and read it: ‘Silica gel’. What is it for?

Well, the most recent encounter you may have had could have been in a box of shoes that you bought. Or maybe the little white packet fell out of an electronic product that you purchased. The silica gel sachet is there to protect the product from water.

Although it does not sound harmful in itself, the presence of water can lead to a large variety of damage for any number of different products.

Leather goods, such as those shoes you bought can be harmed by moisture. They can warp, discolour or fungus and mildew can start to grow on them. This is the same for many fabrics which can start to go mouldy.

Electronic products can be really harmed by water. The introduction of water into the delicate circuitry can cause short circuits and malfunctions and also cosmetic damage.

So now you know. If someone else asks you ‘Silica gel, what is it?’ You can confidently reply that it is a highly porous drying agent which is used in a variety of circumstances.

But how does it protect from water damage? Those tiny little beads or granules which may only be 2 or 6 mm in diameter actually have a huge surface area. Well it looks large if you are the size of a water molecule. Incredibly, they can have a surface area of 800m2 per gram. Yes, these little beads contain the surface area of one tenth of a football pitch per gram. So many millions of water molecules which are particularly attracted to it become trapped in these spaces.

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