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Looking For Silica Gel Sachets?

Silica Gel Sachets

Silica gel sachets are flexible containers to house silica gel crystals. The properties of the sachet are very important. Since the main objective of silica gel is to absorb water and to remove moisture from potentially high-humidity environments, the sachet must allow the free movement of moisture from the environment and into the silica gel crystals themselves.

Valdamark silica gel sachets are all made from permeable, breathable Tyvek® membrane. Other conditions where Tyvek® membranes are used are as protection for buildings from condensation and from adverse climactic conditions. These breather membranes can make a huge difference in highly humid climates to improve energy efficiency in buildings and make sure that air, heat and moisture can escape out of the building. Rather thinner layers of these breathable Tyvek® membranes are used to make our silica gel sachets.

Silica gel sachets can also be made from the model B dust-proof shell. This is especially useful for use in clean room environments and other laboratories as they are a low dust product.

All the sachets that we produce are heat welded so that they do not disintegrate during use. The seams can withstand the rigours of transport and they can be easily packaged along with delicate or perishable items without the risk of rupture and harm to the products being protected. Small silica gel sachets are used in a huge variety of applications. These unobtrusive little sachets can be used in hundreds of different situations with complete satisfaction and little cause for worry.

They are used in shoe boxes to keep moisture levels to a minimum and reduce subsequent damage to the shoes by mildewing. They can also be used in environmentally sensitive equipment such as high precision electronic equipment. Moisture levels need to be kept low to ensure completely safe transport of the equipment. They may even be kept in situ to ensure even calibration of the equipment.

Many other leather goods such as coats and belts also require a reduction in humidity levels and metal product which may easily tarnish, also need low moisture conditions to ensure that they are stored, displayed or transported correctly.

Valdamark silica gel sachets are produced to a high industry standard and are guaranteed safe and compliant with safety regulations. Choose us for all your packaging and other desiccant needs. We provide a ‘made to measure’ service and can produce a solution for any of your specialist requirements.

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