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Looking For Silica Gel Packs?

Silica Gel Packs

Valdamark silica gel packs are made from a high grade, durable, breathable material which protects the silica gel within. They allow for the free movement of air and water vapour into the gel inside. They fulfil their function in a completely non-invasive way.

All our silica gel packs are made from high quality Tyvek ® membrane or a model B dust proof material.

These silica gel packs are manufactured to industry standards and can be sized according to your needs. During manufacture, they are heat sealed at the seam to provide rip-free satisfaction and peace of mind for all our customers.

We can manufacture products on demand to suit your requirements and guarantee to beat any other quote you may have obtained within Europe. Our standard range includes both the TopDry® and Silica Mini Pax® ranges with bulk discounts available on request.

Mini Pax® have a very durable and versatile design and they can also be filled with molecular sieve of pore-size to suit your requirements. Our bespoke service can be tailor made to fulfil your requirements whether you need desiccant chains, capsules or other forms of moisture control such as tablets or desiccant columns. These are suitable for conditions where silica gel packs on their own will not suffice.

Uses of silica gel orange to green self indicating gel are many and varied. It has applications in the food production service industries, in home appliances, petrochemicals and also in the production of industrial gases.

This humidity indicator also has uses in domestic settings for moisture proofing and dehumidifying. It provides an ‘at a glance’ indication of the moisture levels and can be easily reactivated by heat treatment for reuse.

Together, our silica gel packs and the self indicating silica gel are a powerful weapon against harmful and invasive moisture and water damage to your sensitive and delicate product range. We can supply large or small quantities of silica gel, both in a loose, bulk state or already pre-packed into containers.

We can also provide a wide range of other products such as industrial packaging materials including aluminium foil laminates. We can also provide cobalt free indicator cards, where the toxicity of cobalt may be an issue or its use may be banned, for example in the food industry.

Valdamark are able to provide you with a complete solution including a versatile protective packaging range and many grades of silica gel.

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