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Looking For Silica Gel Orange Coloured Products?

Silica Gel Orange

At Valdamark, we provide many types of self indicating silica gel, orange to dark green and orange to colourless. Self indicating silica gel is extremely useful in conditions which require constant visual inspection because it is very easy to judge whether humidity levels have reached sub optimal conditions.

For this purpose, our silica gels which change colour depending upon how much water they have adsorbed are ideal. The orange to dark green gel is a bright orange colour when it is in its dry form and it gradually changes to a dark green when it has started to become saturated. The silica gel, orange to green self indicating desiccants are completely safe to use and perfectly non toxic. They are charged with less than 0.2% of an organic indicator. They are especially useful in highly clean environments such as storage or display or in the transportation of museum artefacts or archaeological components because they are virtually dust free. Although it is mostly used in this low-dust, form, which is beaded, larger, granular versions are also available.

The orange to colourless gel is made using iron salts to induce the colour change. Once again, it is deep orange when perfectly dry, slowly changing to a colourless, or pale yellow when soaked.

This compound is relatively robust and stable. This makes it especially useful for repeated reactivation and reuse. This is also available in 2-5mm beads or 3-6mm granular, amorphous forms.

Since blue to pink self indicating silica gel was reclassified as a toxic material in the year 2000, silica gel, orange to green and orange to colourless have been developed to provide a non toxic alternative.

For an indication of use, when the containers are first opened, the required amount of gel product should be immediately removed and situated to the designated area. The containers should be immediately resealed to prevent any of the remaining gel from absorbing moisture from the air.

Although it is orange when dry and dark green when saturated, it still remains as a freely flowing beaded compound and feels dry, even when wet. This is because water is adsorbed into the cavities with the gel granules or beads and does not remain on the surface.

Roughly 5g of silica gel orange to green self indicating desiccant can be used for 1 cubic foot or storage area.

We recommend constant visual or computer inspection to ensure adequate protection.

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