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Looking For A Type Of Silica Gel For Shoes?

Silica Gel For Shoes

Silica gel is often found as naturally occurring silicon dioxide. For modern day use on an industrial scale it is often manufactured in a large quantity from sodium hydroxide. When it is mass produced like this it is found as either small, white, hard beads or granules. It is extremely porous and has a high affinity for water vapour. When it is supplied it may only have 3% water vapour content so that it is ready to fulfil its desiccant purpose.

As a result of this it is able to absorb water vapour from the surrounding atmosphere. Extremely low water vapour pressure means that water molecules are naturally drawn to the silica gel. Within the silica gel is the cavernous crystalline structure. This contains more than enough space to absorb up to 40% water by weight.

So why use silica gel for shoes? In the fashion industry it is extremely important to preserve the quality of the shoes which are produced. Often ranges are designed well in advance. So next year’s Spring collection might already be manufactured and waiting in warehouses the during the Winter before while the new collections are still being shown up and down the runways of the world.

Requirements for extended storage like this mean that there is a need to protect the shoes from moisture. Excess water in the products can leave them open to the growth of mould. Even if there is no actual mould, the shoes may be rendered clammy or attain an unusual smell. Of course, top designers would be mortified to learn that their lovingly made creations were arriving at their destinations mouldy, clammy and smelly. In order to protect them, a high affinity, low density desiccant is called for.

So now you know why designers and manufacturers use silica gel for shoes.

Valdamark are able to produce and supply bulk amounts of silica gel sachets. We also provide packaging materials and other types of desiccants which can be applied to a whole host of industries, not only the fashion industry.

Whether you need silica gel for shoes or whether it is for any other purpose, speak to our team which is dedicated in providing you with the best quotes in Europe. Our bespoke service can mean that your packaging needs can be manufactured to order and your order, no matter how large or small can be dealt with quickly and efficiently

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