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Looking For Silica Gel Desiccant Product To Buy?

Silica Gel Desiccant

Silica gel desiccant is silicon dioxide which is made using sodium silicate, although silicon dioxide is a also a naturally occurring mineral. It is created when sodium silicate is acidified. It is then washed and then dried. This procedure forms a amorphous hard white crystalline structure.

Silica gel is an ideal desiccant due to its hygroscopic properties – it is highly water absorptive in an enclosed environment. It microscopic structure is considerably less than it appears through handling which allows for the retention of water molecules. The dry form has a very low water vapour pressure.

Valdamark products are designed to ensure low humidity and efficient water absorption during transport, storage and use. Excess periods of storage can result in a lot of water damage – marks on clothes, damage to books, corrosion of metals, resulting in significant financial loss.

Valdamark TopDry® desiccant packets are ideal for situations where water vapour may be a problem. Our patented technology and high spec design has been shown to out perform other products for nearly all known moisture control applications in a variety of test conditions and out in the field. We are a market leading company with a market leading product. Valdamark sachets are made from highly durable dust proof viscose pouches. These are heat sealed to ensure that the seams do not tear even under the most stressful conditions.

Our products are strong and durable. They are subjected to intensive quality control and rigorous testing through the entire production process. They are able to withstand heavy handling and can be relied on throughout the supply chain to retain their breathe able properties.

TopDry® technology is proven to get your product to your customers with no internal water damage and ensure that it arrives defect free. Not only that, but our tests show that our patented technology is also able to extend the lifespan of your product and prove its reliability at the end of the delivery.

We offer solutions to suit your needs, whether you need one box of silica gel desiccant or a bulk quantity, we have large stock holdings and can ensure that we will never be out of stock. Contact us to ask about bulk buy discounts, we have the best prices in Europe and can beat any quote that you may have from our competitors.

Whatever your supply, whether it is metallic products, leather goods or perishable consumables, we have a product for you.

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