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Looking At A Silica Gel Blue Product?

Silica Gel Blue

Silica gel, blue, self-indicating desiccant is a very useful product for detecting when levels of moisture or humidity become too high and breach the higher end of the optimum range. There can be many different conditions in which this gel is used and its self-indicating colour changing nature make it a powerful tool in ensuring that valuable or precious or perishable items are preserved.

Silica gel (blue) is a used in a variety of different situations such as in dehumidifiers, in the pharmaceutical industry to preserve the freshness of medicines, especially tablets and in automotive manufacturing to protect parts from rusting during transit. It can also be used in electronic goods packaging to prevent condensation while in transit.

It is easy to protect delicate items in shipping containers from extreme changes in temperature, but controlling the humidity of a transport container is difficult. Using the silica gel, blue to pink changes ensures that each vulnerable item is protected within its own packaging. Silica gel is a more of a granule than a gel. It is a hard, granular form of silicon dioxide produced by acidifying sodium silicate, then washing it and drying it to produce silica gel. Blue self indicating gel often has cobalt chloride added. The cobalt provides the colour change from blue, when dry to pink when it is saturated.

Cobalt chloride is a known carcinogen and a respiratory and skin irritant. It is the main reason for the toxic labelling on the product according to COSHH guidelines, but it is present at less than 1% concentration within the gel and it can be classed as non-hazardous when transported and used in silica gel sachets.

We at Valdamark supply silica gel (blue) in 2-5mm beads or 3-6mm granular form. It can be supplied loose as a bulk pack. This is especially useful if different quantities are needed, for example in the bottom of a dehumidifier, or where air drying operations are performed. We can also provide it in sachets, ready to be distributed into the packaging when items are packed.

All of our products are fully compliant with all guidelines and industry standards. If you are unsure, please ask for the MSDS Safety Data Sheet in which we outline the risk assessments and detail the hazards involved.

Our sachets are all heat welded and guaranteed not to burst during normal operations which are within specifications.

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