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Looking For Silica Gel Bags?

Silica Gel Bags

Much of our silica gel is contained in durable, highly resistant silica gel bags. The bags are made from a breathable and water repelling material which is highly porous to allow water to travel from the environment and into the silica gel where it is absorbed into the beads or granules within but also highly protective

We use only the best Tyvek® membrane to make up our bags. This is then heat sealed to produce strong, break-proof seams which last normal handling and use.

We can also use low dust model-B shell. This is more suitable for use in clean room conditions such as those found in electronic production facilities and chemical and genetic laboratories.

Valdamark service ensures that you get the best, most suitable silica gel bags for your needs. We provide a ‘made to measure’ service which means that we can provide packaging materials and desiccants to suit your requirements, whatever your particular application may be. Our silica gel bags are used in the aviation industry to make sure that low levels of moisture and humidity are maintained during transport of water sensitive materials during long flights.

They are also extensively used in the publication business. Silica gel bags are inserted into books packages to reduce water damage. Books and paper products are highly sensitive to water marks and can be ruined in high humidity conditions.

Many applications are found in the food production industry to keep perishable items fresh and free from damage.

The fashion industry also uses our products extensively. Leather goods such as shoes, belts and coats as well as fabric items are protected from harm by damage from water by the use of silica gel bags containing silica gel.

With Valdamark products there is no need to worry about damage or loss of revenue through the loss of goods in transit. Using our packaging and desiccant products, will give you an unobtrusive and worry-free guard against the ravages of water damage.

Whatever your needs, whether large or small, we can provide a solution to match. We not only provide silica gel bags, but also columns, cobalt free indicator cards, industrial packaging and shockwatch damage indicators among a host of other things.

Contact us with your needs, we can be provide a bespoke service to fit into your business. You provide the products and we will protect them against water damage during storage, use or transport.

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