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Looking For Silica Bags?

Silica Bags

Our silica gel desiccant is supplied for the most part in highly durable silica bags. These are a very efficient way to transport the small amounts of desiccant which is needed to achieve maximal results for any dehumidifying or drying requirement.

Silica gel is highly porous and has a strong affinity for water molecules. As such, only around 5 grams are required for drying each cubic foot of enclosed space.

Our silica bags are made from a highly durable casing which is permeable. It provides no hindrance to the mode of action of the gel inside. The patented Tyvek™ membrane is strong enough to withstand the rigours of rough handling in many supply chains and can make certain that your product arrives with your customer in exactly the same condition as it left.

No matter how technically demanding your request, we can supply adequately packed or loose desiccant in bulk if you require. We have significant bulk buy discounts and can match any price quoted by any of our competitors throughout Europe.

Our silica gel bags can also be made to order as well as our extensive range. If you have a need for a larger or smaller quantity than we currently supply, then our made to measure service is second to none. Think of us as bespoke outfitters for your packaging and dehumidifying needs. The Mini Pax® can be filled with molecular sieve if you need a more precise filtration or silica gel if you prefer.

Silica bags are used in many different industries to provide safe and secure protection from damage caused to their products by excess moisture. Using a desiccant is essential in the global marketplace today as goods are shipped around the world – and you have little control over the conditions once your good leave your factory.

Inserting silica bags into product containers ensures that they stay fresh and natural and arrive with your customer in exactly the same state as they leave you. Our extensive studies have shown that products reach the end of the supply chain with a longer shelf life when our desiccant was used than when it is not used.

Choose from our standard sizes in both our TopDry® and Silica Mini Pax® ranges or go for a bulk buy discount if you have a larger operation. We guarantee to beat all quotes that you may have received from any of our competitors.

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