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Looking For Shockwatch?

Valdamark supply Shockwatch labels to a wide range of industries. With global trade operating at a higher volume than ever before, retailers of all sizes rely more and more on couriers and outsourced freight sources to deliver their goods to the end users. With freight services focussing more and more on speed and efficiency the quality of the handling the goods receive suffers. It's no surprise that this is the case. Throughout different markets and industries the demand for 'just in time' goods has never been greater.

You may have experience of Transit damage or Damaged Freight received by your client. Or you may be looking to deter or prevent this Transportation Damage from occurring. Either as a preventative measure or deterrent Shock-watch impact labels may be the perfect protection for you Shipping Packages Overseas.

Whatever your Goods Damaged or Damaged Cargo these Impact Labels or Impact Stickers are easy to use and economical enough to be used on most freight shipments. Each self-adhesive Shock-watch Sticker is colour coded to the size of your packages and can be calculated using the Shockwatch selection chart. They can be attached easily to the outside of your parcel and will activate when excessive force or bad handling in transit occurs. The impact sensitive vial will turn red instantaneously when this happens leaving you or your end user in no doubt that rough handling or bad handling has occurred.

This product suits a huge range of industries that ship packages of any size nationally or internationally. Choose Shock-watch damage indicators to ensure your goods reach your client in the way you intended.

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