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Looking For A Shipping Tip Indicator?

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  • Are you looking for Shipping Tip Indicator labels? Our Tip N Tell shipping label systems allow you to monitor the angle your goods travel at during transportation.

    At a time when third party couriers are used more than ever before it has never been more important to include shipment monitoring systems in your packaging solution.

    A perfect solution for shipping fragile items these self adhesive units each contain a polystyrene bead indicator that will release if the goods are tilted below the 90 degree threshold.

    With the beads indicating blue when poor handling has occurred you or your client will be in no doubt that the goods have not travelled upright the way you wished.

    The Tip n Tell label acts to add both accountability for the quality of care and attention goods receive when being handled as well as coming included with a shipping warning label for increased visual awareness.

    This product has found suitability throughout the freight and logistics sectors continually discovering new uses and projects. Typically we see clients shipping delicate equipment, parts packaging, machinery packaging and often those involved in delicate goods transport.

    Tip N Tell shipping labels have never had a more important role to play than in today's fast moving shipping world. Clients continually choose to invest in this as a cost-effective, easy to use means of adding accountability, deterring poor handling and showing your client that you take the condition your goods travel in seriously.

    Choose Tip N Tell Tilt labels as a means to ensure your delicate or fragile goods stay upright and arrive with your client the way you intended.

    For more information on Tip N Tell or any of our Shockwatch shipping labels please contact our UK sales office.

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