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Shipping Packaging

Valdamark supply Foil Packaging for a huge variety of applications. Our range encompasses products that can suit simple packaging requirements to technically demanding projects. Our range of product packaging starts with our range of resealable foil bags suitable for Coffee Packaging, Tea Packaging and just about any dried food product including incense packaging, Spice Packaging, Whey Protein Packaging, Powder Packaging, herb packaging.

Our standard small, medium and large sizes are available in either printed or plain designs in a variety of different colours, standard features on our Printed Packaging include stand up gusset's as well as convenient resealable zip lock's and tear nicks for improved functionality. These are available from as few as 100 units for your convenience, perfect for sample packaging or Trial Packaging for start up's or new projects.

We also offer Quad Seal Flexible Packaging. This heat sealable packaging option is perfect for those who want to maintain product quality for extensive periods and want a packaging solution that works well at aroma protection. Available in small, medium and large sizes they are available in a range of striking colours allowing you to maximise shelf appeal.

If shelf appeal is a priority or just an important feature as the performance of the packaging print can be arranged for as few as 2000 units across most of our materials and designs. This realistic number dispels the myth that professional packaging can only be obtained through expensive origination costs often in excess of tens of thousands of pounds.

Our digital printing service slashes these origination costs as no print plates are required thus making this a very attractive solution for those looking for Retail Packaging in the early stages of projects.

As a established packaging supplier Valdamark can cater for projects of all sizes with most products available in stock. Fast 2 - 3 day lead times apply on the majority of products as well as printing with us being able to deliver most quantities within two weeks.

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