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Looking For Resealable Packaging?

Resealable Packaging

Valdamarks Resealable Packaging is one of the most comprehensive for Small volumes in Europe. We specialise in supplying Consumer Product Packaging in small quantities at sensible prices. Unlike our competitors who will offer cheaper imports only available in inflated quantities we will supply from as little as 100 units.

This availability on such a large range of flexible packaging products is unique in the market and has led to our products being used by a cross section of retailers as well as anyone who has has a project that requires packaging bags in small quantities on fast lead times.

Our resealable bags are available in both printed and non- printed versions. All our zip lock bags allow for easy loading and unloading but if product inspection is a priority look to our range of clear packaging bags. These one side foil bags, one side clear PE allows you to view the contents.

For printed bags plain or with a standard design look to our Coffee Bags. These packaging bags are ideal for shelf packaging or new projects that require small quantity Protective Packaging for product trialing or sampling. Available in Heat Sealable Bag versions as well.

Whichever you choose our bags versatility is standard throughout the range with all these products being suitable in some capacity for Tea Packaging, Powder Packaging, Bath Salt Packaging, Spice Packaging, Herb Packaging, Sandwich Packaging.

Call to for advice or to discuss packaging ideas with our experienced sales team.

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