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Looking For Reclosable Static Shielding Bags?

Reclosable Static Shielding Bags

Reclosable static shielding bags are stocked by Valdamark in a wide range of standard sizes and suit-abilities.

Most clients looking for ESD bags have either experienced problems with static discharge build up or are looking for a preventative measure.

Our range is convenient, high performance, functional and available at market leading online prices.

We specialise in pink antistatic bags for electrostatic protection. These bags are perfectly suited to high volume dispatch of electrical goods and exhibit a 'best in category' performance capabilities.

The Faraday cage design is adopted in all our products combined with high quality aluminium and polyethylene materials we see an impressively consistent surface resistance of between 9-10 ohm.

This ESD packaging is durable as well. It deals well with abrasion and can handle journeys through supply chains well.

For shipping electrical items from warehouses or distribution we recommend our static shielding bags which include the additional protection of an aluminium laminate in the form of TopDry® antistatic technology.

Our sensible minimum order criteria means we can offer ESD protective bags from as few as 1000 units.

Don't forget you can buy these and many other anti-Static packaging bags through our online store.

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