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PVC Covers

The PVC Covers we supply are available in a variety of colours and sizes. These Cut to Size Protective Covers perform well for many uses. Indoors or Outdoors. Commercial or Domestic our PVC Tarps continue to prove themselves hard working and durable. We manufacture from the Highest Quality 560gsm Protex PVC Material formulated specifically for Industrial PVC Covers. Its highly flexible but tough making it very difficult to puncture and tear. There 100% water resistant and have shown to be an effective barrier against the wind & rain.

These high quality materials and a 'built to last' manufacturing ethic have led to a product that is continually discovering new uses for itself both at home and in the workplace. They perform well as Trailer Covers, Storage Covers and Transport Covers as well as being suitable for a wide variety of domestic uses like Car Covers and Outdoor Furniture Covers. Many choose PVC Covers for applications traditionally suited to Canvas Covers. They are a superior product for most uses as they are essentially suitable for many of the same applications, However the 'man made' PVC material proves to be more reliable for demanding projects or multiple use applications.

Each PVC Cover unit we supply comes with it's own length of Polypropylene rope so it can be secured if necessary through the eyelets positioned every 1.5mtr. Strengthened hems are also included to increase tensile rigidity around the edges.

Our PVC Covers range conforms to British quality standard BS3424.

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