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Looking For The Best Protective Packaging Solution?

Protective Packaging

Valdamarks range of protective packaging is market leading for it's quality, price, performance and appearance. Our range designed to address the problems and Hazards modern day commercial freight experiences in a global market.

So many important factors can play a part or take priority when choosing the right Product Packaging for your project. Valdamarks approach focusses around an understanding that no two clients or projects are the same. What is the most important factor for ensuring your goods get to the end user as you intended.

Clients can contact us seeking advice on technical packaging where we will direct them to our European market leading range of Valstrong® Industrial Packaging foils. These products come available in a variety of different conversions. Rolls, sheets and Stand Up Pouches are all available for this impressive Performance Packaging Foil. We can also supply custom packaging conversions for these products contact us for details. See Why Barrier Foil for information on why this innovation is the ideal Flexible Packaging for those who's goods are transported or stored for long distances and periods of time. These Barrier Foils demonstrate excellent protection properties against Moisture Damage and Corrosion Damage as well as protecting your goods from the usual culprits like Salt, Water and Rust.

For Sealing Packaging we supply a wide range of Heat Sealing Machines and Heat Sealing Equipment appropriate for use as a Poly Bag Sealer or Foil Heat Sealer.

These products unlike other alternatives are all manufactured in Western Europe and are selected by Valdamark on the basis of a strict Performance, Quality and Value for money basis. Contact us here for advice on the most suitable Heat Sealers for Packaging your goods or project.

If your goods travel distances then it is likely your organisation chooses to uses a 3rd party freight service. In today's logistics world of Fast Moving Consumer goods it's no secret that the emphasis is put on speed with the quality of care and handling your goods receive often neglected. You may have experience of this Transit Damage/Transportations damage, or be looking for a preventative measure. Perfect when use in conjunction with our premium foil packaging Shockwatch Impact Indicators are the best products for preventing damage in transit.

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