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Looking For Strong Powder Packaging?

Powder Packaging

Valdamark can supply protective packaging that is suitable for a huge variety of powders and granules. We can meet the requirements of most applications.

Whether clients require Product Packaging in small quantities or high volumes in abundance. We can supply Gusset packaging solution for you.

For most applications our standard sized resealable bags are suitable. These custom cut foil bags are available with a convenient zip lock that allows for easy loading and unloading as well as being available in quantities of the clients choice. Those that want to prioritise Product protection this our speciality. Our range of Flexible Packaging can cater for the most demanding of projects that require protection in transport or storage. If your require heat seal packaging we can supply Stock sized Stand Up Pouches or Gusset Bags for those looking to preserve product quality. Basic goods protection comes from our range of foil bags which can supplied both as resealable packaging and heat seal bags.

For technically demanding projects client often choose our renowned range Valstrong® Industrial Packaging foil. These panteted strength films are market leading globally as shipping packaging and can deal with the harshest conditions your goods may encounter when being transported or stored. These products have proved their performance qualities time and time again continually demonstrating impressive protection from the usual culprits that can be harmful towards your goods. Gas products, marine air, salt water and moisture ingress. See our Why Barrier Foil page to discover why these packaging products provide the best goods protection. Whatever your needs all our products are available in sensible quantities competitively priced. Contact our sales team today to discuss further.

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