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Looking For APortable Heat Sealer?

Portable Heat Sealer

We supply Portable Heat Sealer units for sealing packaging materials in small quantities or high volumes. Clients often contact us seeking advice on the best heat sealing equipment for sealing their chosen packaging materials. Projects vary drastically in terms of requirements but we can always advise and supply the most suitable products for nearly anything.

We supply Impulse Sealers, Constant Heat Sealers, Industrial heat sealer units and commercial Heat Sealers. Fixed or portable the machinery we supply is the best available in the U.K being manufactured by our established Western European based factory partner. Our range includes premium heat sealers ideal for both sealing poly bags and as a foil bag sealer to economy units designed for start up projects or those only requiring a heat sealing machine for moderate use.

As a packaging sealer all our products perform well with all being selected for seal and unit quality, performance and reliability as well as market leading prices.

These products are excellent when used in conjunction with our foil bag packaging materials. Contact us for details or buy online.

Please contact us using the below options for information on Portable Heat Sealer products.

Tel: (+44) 0161-962-8701. Please quote 'portable heat sealer'

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