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Looking For A Plastic Bag Sealing Machine?

Plastic Bag Sealing Machine

A plastic bag sealing machine is a must if you produce any kind of perishable products which need to be stored in plastic bags. If you have a large throughput of your manufactured product, then you may need one of our heat sealers. We are able to supply a wide range of heat sealers and we stock some of the leading Brands in Europe.

A plastic bag sealing machine is just that, a machine to seal plastic bags. You may use it to seal cellophane bags, or polythene bags. If you only seal the same kind of material then it may be prudent to get a small hand held heat sealer. But if you are planning to diversify your range then you should get a machine which can expand and change with your business.

We supply heat sealers to our clients who may only need one small machine and to our clients who may need a hgh throughput machine which seals thousands of products an hour.

Whether you need a large or small machine, come to us to discuss your needs. We hold a large stock of polythene hand held sealers as well as foil sealers. The VALHW impulse sealer is our highest specification machine. This giant in the world of heat sealers is suitable to seal PVC, polyamide as well as thin films and coated foils.

It is of a lightweight design and is versatile enough to seal many different products. It is an impulse sealer so it only heats when the jaws are closed and the resistance wire heats up.

We also stock smaller hand held impulse sealers which are designed for ad hoc stealing from time to time. These are the best sealing machine units are available in the UK today. We only buy our stock from our European partners who are legally impelled to adhere to manufacturing standards. We do not source items from other parts of the world.

Our pouch sealers can be supplied with an assortment of ergonomic add-ons which can be used to increase their versatility once the larger machine has been purchased, so that if your requirements for sealing change, then you do not need to purchase a whole new machine, only to change the add-ons.

Valdamark are here to help you find the right product for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with whatever you require and we will go out of our way to assist you.

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