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Looking For The Most Effective Plastic Bag Sealers?

Plastic Bag Sealers

Looking for heat sealers can be a difficult operation, especially if your looking for a packaging sealer unit for the first time. Valdamark can provide products that suit nearly every project that requires hand held held heat sealer equipment as well as the packaging to go with it. Hand Held Plastic bag sealers are a speciality as we only source high quality heat sealing machine units based on a strict criteria of quality construction, performance that suits volume sealing and of course market leading pricing.

Our approach is that no two clients are the same which is why our range include heat sealers for poly bag sealing, heat sealers for foil packaging, heat sealing equipment for foil bags. Our speciality is portable designed units which feature impressive ergonomic performance features. All are lightweight and mobile producing optimal seals for packaging materials like laminate foil, cellophane, cellulose film and polyethylene. Some of our high performance units are even suitable for sealing PVC and Polyamid. Traditionally this would have to be done by heavy machinery.

Clients may have a specific packaging sealer machine in mind, which is why we offer both Constant hand held heat sealers as well as portable hand operated impulse sealers. These adjustable heat sealers are ideal for multi purpose sealing where they may be expected to perform a multiple use sealers for different materials.

For more information on our plastic bag hand held heat sealers or to discuss packaging sealing ideas please contact our office today.

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